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Animated Napoleon

Carabele's Journal

(FanFiction Pen Name LaH)

[sticky post]So here is what brought me here...
Animated Napoleon
I am a writer of Man from U.N.C.L.E. fanfiction and that's what brought me to LJ.

I write gen (and maybe a little het). Sorry, no slash. But if you have an interest, links to the my stories are behind the cut.
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Added to My Website: WHAT ARE THE ODDS?
Animated Napoleon
I've added to my website my IMPROMPTU CHALLENGE story from 5/7/15.

WORD COUNT: approx 340 words
SUMMARY: Something a bit fishy perhaps?
TIMELINE: Summer 1972

Added to My Website: EVERY MAN A PATRIOT
Animated Napoleon
I've added to my website my HODOWE: Patriots' Day story from 4/18/15.

WORD COUNT: approx 1025 words
SUMMARY: There is patriotism, and then there is patriotism...
TIMELINE: Spring 1966

Added to My Website: NINE EGGS
Animated Napoleon
I've added to my website my EASTER EGGS 2015 story from 4/3/15.

WORD COUNT: approx 1000 words
SUMMARY: The ultimate prize at this Easter Egg Hunt could be death...
TIMELINE: Spring 1968

OUAT: Oh what a tangled web...
Animated Napoleon
My goodness, things are getting complicated on ONCE UPON A TIME!

[Spoiler (click to open)]
To begin: Hook told Emma (the Savior) about Gold's (aka Rumplestilskin/The Dark One) plan to turn her to darkness to change the order of things, so that villains can get happy endings. (This he learned from Ursula last week.) Gold needs the Author to do that. So everyone it seems is after the mysterious Author.

Then: We got to see in flashback how and why Snow White and Prince Charming were responsible for the loss of Maleficent's child. Maleficent had told them during the previous incident with the Tree of Knowledge that the reason they were rejected by the magic of the tree was because Snow was pregnant (she hadn't known yet) and that the infant she carried could either be a great hero or a great villain. The tree was thus protecting itself from the possibility of potent dark magic.

Of course this revelation drove Snow White into maternal overdrive, wanting to somehow insure her child stayed on the path of light (ignoring the power of free will). So she and Charming sought out a unicorn for the legend says that, if you touch a unicorn's horn, you will see a vision of what is to be for an unborn child. Thing is though that Snow and Charming each have different visions: Charming seeing the child as being good and Snow seeing the child as being evil.

On their way home they meet a peddler who needed help unsticking his pushcart from a rut in the road. Charming helps the man get the cart free from the rut and then gives him a flask of brandy when the peddler complains about the cold. The peddler notices they are heading west and tells them to head east as Maleficent as a dragon has an egg she is protecting rather aggressively and has thus scorched the land in the western direction. But the east leads to the Endless Forest, and Snow and Charming note they will be lost in there. The peddler tells them to follow the path until they come to a small cottage where lives a "kindly old man" who can get them where they need to go.

The two do as the peddler suggested and come upon the cottage of who but the Sorcerer's Apprentice. He bids them come in and they talk over tea. He senses they are worried about their unborn child and they explain that they each saw a different vision from touching the unicorn's horn. They ask which one is true, and he tells them they are both true. There is nothing set in stone for an unborn child, her path is yet unknown.

They ask if there is any way to insure that their child leans toward the light and white magic and the Sorcerer's Apprentice tells them there is a spell, but it requires any chance at darkness to be transferred to another vessel as unformed as an unborn child. Snow hits upon the idea of using Maleficent's dragon egg for this purpose, since the mother is already dark and the child therefore would surely be so in any case.

They steal the egg from Maleficent's dragon lair, avoiding being toasted by her by noting that if she flames them, the egg burns too. They state though that they will return the egg when they are done with it. They go to the Sorcerer's Apprentice with the egg and he says that will work to invoke the spell. He does so and then opens a portal to send the egg away. Snow panicks saying they promised to return the egg to Maleficent, but the Apprentice notes that no way any one would want something with so much darkness in their world. As the egg begins to crack, Ursula and Cruella (who had been assigned as bodyguards for the egg in the lair and didn't do such a bang-up job obviously) attempt to get to the egg and fall into the portal. A baby's arm emerges from the egg and Snow tells Charming they have to save the baby. In the end they can't, and the egg falls through the portal.

In present day Storybrooke, Regina is attempting to keep Gold/Rumplestilskin, Cruella and Maleficent at bay regarding the Author by trying to satisfy their need for the page from the storybook with a cell phone photo of it (after dismissing the copy Emma makes through magic as unlikely to fool Gold). But Gold sees the reflection on the photo that indicates magic within the page and knows immediately that the Author is trapped in the book. (So much for keeping that knowledge from The Dark One!)

He demands Regina get the book and Maleficent puts the town temporarily under a sleeping curse so that Regina won't be interrupted in doing that by any of the Savior's (Emma's) powerful white magic. Of course we know Regina is undercover and really doesn't intend to get that page for the evil guys. But here's the thing: once you have been under a sleeping curse and been magically awakened from it through True Love's Kiss, you are immune to the spell being cast on you again. So Snow and Charming aren't affected and neither is Henry. Henry absconds with the book to the Sorcerer's mansion and calls Snow and Charming to tell them where he is. They tell him they are coming and to keep hidden. Hiding under the desk, Henry sees a beam of light that emanates from under the door pictured on that page of the book. That beam focuses on a drawer in another desk and he opens that and finds a key.

Regina, Maleficent and Cruella go to the Sorcerer's Mansion (Gold uses magic to locate Henry), but Regina warns that no one is to touch her son. She will get the page from him. The three arrive at the mansion and confront Henry, but Regina gives him a look that telecommunicates what she wants him to do. He hands them the copy page that Emma had previously created and they leave with that.

Snow and Charming arrive and Henry tells them what happened, how he knew what his mother wanted him to do just through her look. They tell him though that they will take the page as it is too dangerous for him to keep. But he tells them he found the key and wants to open the door. Charming stops him. Though of course he doesn't tell Henry this, he wants to destroy the page to insure Emma's heart is never turned to darkness. In the end though Snow can't do this last betrayal. She can't lie anymore. They go to Emma and tell her the truth about the past with Maleficent and what they did. Of course Emma is devastated.

An interesting point was Gold's speech to Belle as she lay under a sleeping curse. It provided an inkling that Gold isn't exactly telling his villainous crew the whole truth about his intentions. He tells the sleeping Belle that, if he is going to change things, he has to do it soon, because something else is changing and touches his heart as he says this. He then promises he will come back for her, "if I can".

When Regina, Maleficent and Cruella come back with the page, Gold of course immediately realizes it is a fake. He knows they have been betrayed by Regina and he has Maleficent put her under a sleeping curse. They take her to the underground vault where Regina stores her magical momentos and spell aids, though Cruella is game to just kill her and be done. But Gold has some other plan, what we don't yet know.

Maleficent reminds Gold that she has kept her part of the bargain and she wants her reward; she wants to see her child. Gold warns her such could provide more pain than she currently endures. She disagrees and he relents. He shows her a vision from 30 years before of a girl baby being adopted. Prophetically, when asked what name the new parents have decided for their child, the father replies "Lilith".

This is the Lily Emma met years ago (though of course at that time neither knew their past history and Lily still doesn't). So is she the anti-Savior?

But another twist: August reveals to "the good guys" that the Author isn't a single being; it's a job that is filled as needed by the Sorcerer and his Apprentice. So they should be wary about releasing the Author who is trapped in the page because he is there as punishment for rewriting history rather than just chronicling it, as he was tasked to do. (In flashback we see the Apprentice casting the Author into the book after he questioned him on why he was forced to do what he did to Maleficent's child and receiving the answer of "It makes a better story"). Still, Emma wants answers and she uses the key on the book, releasing the Author. And who is the Author? None other than the peddler (recognized by the flask he carries) who initially told Snow White and Charming (with intent obviously) about Maleficent's dragon egg!

Emma says she has a lot of questions and the Author says "Of course you have" and then takes off like a bat out of hell! Seems the Author is less than a good guy.

My head is spinning: And the major thing going round-and-round in it is what is Gold's real plan??? Because really villains don't need the Author to get their happy endings, do they? Ursula got hers (return of her singing voice and reunion with her father Poseidon) last week. And seems Gold knows this seeming truth... and something more...

MFU Writers' Bible now available on MFU Archive!!!
Animated Napoleon
The MFU Writers' Bible is now available on MFU Archive.

Direct Link is: http://www.mfuarchive.net/archive/6/MFU_Bible.pdf

Or you can find it in the Index under the title MFU Writers' Bible.

Many thanks to Lisa for getting this loaded to her site through direct FTP.

Remember this is a large PDF file, so it can take some time to load. (Didn't take long for me, but really depends on the processor speed of your computer.)

If you prefer not waiting, the link from my website is still valid to do the right-click, save target as, download save.

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